Gold Medal at the 30th Manchego Cheese Quality Contest

The 58th edition of the National country fair was held just a few days ago. This event was attended by thousands of visitors, and it has become the most popular fair.

Among the multiple activities carried out at the fair, the thirtieth edition of the Manchego cheese quality competition was held, where Quesería 1605 was awarded the Gold Medal for its 1605 Selección cheese in the category of semi-cured artisanal cheese. The number of samples presented by the cheese factories participating in this competition amounted to 49, which considering that the number of cheesemakers within the denomination of origin is not much higher, it was an extensive representation.

This prize is special, as our 1605 Selección cheese is a different kind of cheese to what the general public is used to in terms of a Manchego cheese. It maintains it traditional Manchego essence, but acquires a series of nuances that make it different to those considered a traditional Manchego cheese. This is why a jury composed of very important figures in the industry recognising our Know-How and special cheese within the Denomination of Origin of La Mancha makes us feel extremely proud.

To this award, we have to add the Gold Medal obtained in 2016 for the 1605 Selección cheese with a ripening period of 7 months in the mature artisanal cheese category.