A commitment to the tradition of Castilla La Mancha and homage to Don Quixote

Quesería 1605 takes its name from the year that the first edition of Don Quixote was published, thereby paying homage to the most universal book in our country. Quesería 1605 is the commitment made by Avanteselecta to proudly promote and maintain the tradition of Manchego cheese, which is considered one of the best in the world due to its unique qualities and farmhouse manufacturing.

The entire cheesemaking process of 1605 is completely artisanal and carried out by our own cheesemakers. The curd is poured manually into the moulds one by one and smoothly pressed at the beginning and then more intensely. The result is a select cheese that particularly stands out for its elegance on the palate, fruity character, and intense and persistent flavour.

Quesería 1605 has the suitable equipment to make cheese with the appropriate health guarantees, complying with the standardisation criteria set by the European Union. Five and a half to six litres of the best milk are needed to make 1 kilogram of cured cheese. We also use the best quality curd to make the cheese: extract of suckling lamb curd.