Sheep grown in a privileged natural setting   

Our milk is produced exclusively by our own sheep, where they grow in a privileged natural location with a harsh and extreme weather that favours the growth of very rustic vegetation, which serves as food to the Manchego breed sheep. All these factors favour the making of a cheese with unique characteristics.

Our sheep are grown under strict hygiene standards and are sanitarily controlled on a regular basis. The animals are milked in modern facilities where the milk is immediately cooled down to 4ºC. The result is a clean, odourless and tasty milk with a sweet, milky taste and a malted cereal aftertaste.

Our flock is the most important part of our cheese factory. Our sheep live far away from other more industrial holdings, and they only produce the natural amount of milk, without forcing them at any time. Only this way we are able to transfer the richness of our native flora to the cheese.

The way that the Manchego breed sheep is grown is regulated by the association of producers, which evaluates each animal. As a result, we have information about the three previous generations of each animal.