A great team of cheesemakers that work using completely artisanal methods

One of the aspects that sets apart Quesería 1605 is its artisanal nature. The manufacturing process of Queso 1605 is completed by the work of expert maturers that select the best cheese and control each piece so they reach an optimum state.

We only use the minimum technology required, and we guarantee no chemical treatments are employed in the rind, such as paint or antifungals.

The daily rotating of each cheese in the maturing chambers entails considerable manual work, but it guarantees an optimum and unique flora on the rind, which subsequently contributes to the formation of specific aromas and flavours in the cheese.

The manufacturing process is as follows:

No more than 48 hours pass from the milk reaching the tank to it entering the workshop, never dropping below 4ºC. Next, it is heated in the vat for its subsequent curding when it is reheated. It is always carried out at a temperature around 32ºC, without reaching Thermalisation or Pasteurisation.

After the curd is broken up and once the lumps reach the appropriate size, we manually fill the moulds. Once they are filled, they are taken to the press, and after a few hours, the pieces spend the night in the saltery.

Quesería 1605 is the only cheese factory in Castilla La Mancha that has maturers. Their work consists in evaluating the potential of each lot so they are released onto the market with their fullest expression of flavours and aromas together with an appropriate texture for each type of maturation.

The artisanal nature of Quesería 1605 is also reflected in the packaging of our products, which are manually wrapped one by one and have an exclusive and traditional image.