Queso Manchego 1605 amongst the 50 best cheeses in the USA

Made with raw Manchego sheep milk and following traditional methods, 1605 is the only Spanish cheese on the list published by this renowned magazine, which is the main reference in North American media and society.

The New York Magazine has just published in its March edition a list of the 50 best cheeses that can be found in the North American market. Among them is Queso Manchego Artesano 1605the only Spanish cheese that has been worthy of being selected by Robin Raisfiels and Rob Patronite, who are the food critics for this renowned magazine, which sets the standard in the USA. This mention is an important recognition for a product that is among those best valued by the country’s cheesemongers and that has recently been successful in England too by winning a Silver Medal at the World Cheese Awards.

Located in the province of Ciudad Real, Quesería 1605 has been working for the last three years with one of the most demanding and exclusive distributors in the USA. This company only chooses four cheeses in the entire world (by means of sensory analysis and regular visits to the cheese factories in order to select specific lots) and introduces them in the most select establishments in North America. In addition to the North American market, Queso Manchego 1605 is present in the world’s main markets, among them the French market.

Made with  Manchego raw sheep milk from our own livestock and from extract of suckling lamb curd, Queso Manchego Artesano 1605 is a select cheese in the Fermier category (the most valued by experts and gourmet audience) that stands out for its elegance on the palate, fruity character, and intense and persistent flavour. Its ageing, with a minimum ripening period of seven months, gives it a clean, elegant and fruity aroma (characteristic of evolved sheep milk) with notes of leather, and dried fruit and nuts nuances. On the palate, it has a slightly crunchy texture, and a pleasant butteriness and fatty sensation, like olive oil. With a smooth flavour at the beginning, where an elegant and well-rounded acidity appears with aromas of clean wool and caramel nuances, it has a delicious aftertaste of dried fruits and nuts and a subtle and delicate spicy sensation that increases with time.