Quesería 1605 is located in the elite of cheese world at the World Cheese Awards 2017

• It is the only dairy that has obtained a gold medal, both in curing and semi-cured, in the category of D. O. Manchego cheeses
• 1605 Semicurado has been proclaimed as the best Manchego sheep cheese in the category of artisan sheep cheeses in which it competed with references from around the world
• The medals obtained by Quesería 1605 position it as one of the international benchmarks in the sector.

Quesería 1605 is consolidated in the elite of cheese world after the two gold and one silver medals obtained at the World Cheese Awards 2017 that have been held this weekend in London. Located in the small town of Herencia (Ciudad Real), it is the only cheese factory that has obtained two gold medals for the two maturations (4 months and 7 months) submitted to competition within the category D. O. Manchego. These awards are joined by the silver medal obtained by 1605 semicurado (4 months) in the category “Small-scale Artisan Sheep Cheese”, where cheeses from all over the world competed, making it the best Manchego sheep cheese in the world. those presented in this category.

The awards, organized by the British company Guide of Fine Food, are the most prestigious internationally in the cheese sector and in this edition the jury, made up of more than 100 experts from around the world, has tasted more than 3,000 references . The contest maintains throughout the process strict rules that guarantee and guarantee the prestige of the contest, so that the tasting of the jury is completely blind, so that at no time the judges can see neither the mark, nor the provenance or the producer of the cheese they are evaluating.

The two gold medals obtained by 1605 Selection 7 months and 1605 Selection 4 months join the Silver medal that already obtained 1605 Special Selection (10 months) last July in the “Guide of Fine Food” contest organized by the same company. These awards place the entire range of cheeses made by Quesería 1605 as the undisputed reference in the cheeses of D. O. Manchego internationally.

For its part, the silver medal, achieved by 1605 Selection 4 months in the category of Sheep Cheese Artisans of small farm, positions Quesería 1605 as one of the best sheep’s artisan cheese factories worldwide, since in this category their cheeses competed with some of the most prestigious winemakers worldwide from Ossau Iraty, to Pecorino or Roquefort.

To Fernando R. Aldudo, General Manager of Quesería 1605 “these medals suppose a recognition to the work of all my team that, day after day, we try to give the best of ourselves, to place our
cheese factory as an indisputable reference in the sector; In addition, serve to thank the confidence of all those who have bet on our cheeses before these awards.

Quesería 1605 is one of the habitual ones in the lists of winners in the cheese tastings inside and outside our borders. Since the appearance in 2015 in the prestigious “New York Magazine” as one of the “50 best cheeses in the world”, he has obtained Gold medals in Gourmetquesos Madrid, or in the Manchego Cheese quality contests.

Quesería 1605 is a small artisan cheese factory that is Avanteselecta’s commitment to enhance and maintain the tradition of Manchego cheese. It is located in the Finca Sierra La Solana, in the heart of La Mancha, where there is a privileged natural landscape with a harsh and extreme climate that favors the growth of a very rustic vegetation that serves as food for its La Mancha sheep.