Tasting Note

1605 Selección curado is a round, forceful, powerful and harmonious cheese. It offers a mouth full of nuances that invite to continue tasting. Clean, elegant and fruity aroma. Memories of leather and wool. It distinguishes a pleasant fat sensation (olive oil) and a slightly floury granularity. Of intense flavor, soft at the beginning but of high persistence in mouth. An elegant acidity is appreciated combined with clean animal aromas and a very pleasant spicy aftertaste that appears at the end, accompanied by notes of dry fruits (hazelnuts lightly toasted).


Up to 10 months from the date of production.
It retains its original characteristics of texture and flavor for about 2 months evolving over time towards harder textures and more pronounced flavors.
It should always be protected in its original packaging, as it delays drying and prevents oxidation and rancidity of the cheese.

La Quesería

Age annual production: 40.000 kg
Preparation for sale: brush your one to one manually , wrapped in parchment type , label paper and topped with a raffia bow
Drying and Maturation: Once processed cheeses first pass through a chamber of oreo or drying (45 days with temp . Of between 9-10ºC and 75 % HR) and after that time, by a ripening chamber (temp . 11-12ºC and 85% HR )
Conservation: Temp . Ideally, of 8-10 ° C .