Equipo de elaboración

María José González-Román Sánchez

Denominación de Origen

Denominación de Origen Manchego Artesano

Nota de Cata

Herencia 1605 semicurado is a cheese that develops marked aromatic nuances over its 4 months of ripening.

Clean animal aroma. Lactic notes that remind us of smooth yoghurt and a fruity character with subtle nuances of driednuts. On the palate, it has a semi-hard texture, pleasant butteriness and solubility, and a medium crumbliness. It presents a satisfying greasy-oily sensation when masticating and a floury graininess. Initially, it has a smooth acidic taste mixed with sweet cereal notes. The animal aromas are very well integrated, and it has a delicious aftertaste of raw dried nuts (almonds) with a good persistence on the palate.