Equipo de elaboración

María José González-Román Sánchez

Denominación de Origen

D.O Manchego

Nota de Cata

Herencia 1605 semi-cured is a cheese that during its 4 months of maturation is capable of developing pronounced aromatic nuances. Smooth, buttery, it glides on the palate showing subtlety and a broad expression.
Clean animal odour. Lactic notes reminiscent of soft yogurt and a fruity character with subtle hints of nuts. In the mouth it has a semi-hard texture, good buttery and solubility and a medium friability. Pleasant greasy-oily sensation during chewing and granularity of the floury type. The flavor, at first, presents a soft acidity intermingled with sweet cereal notes. Animal aromas very well integrated as a whole and a pleasant aftertaste of raw nuts (almond) with high persistence in the mouth.


Up to 10 months from the date of production. It retains its original characteristics of texture and flavor for about 2 months evolving over time towards harder textures and more pronounced flavors. It should always be protected in its original packaging, as it delays drying and prevents oxidation and rancidity of the cheese