Denomination of origin


Tasting Note

The bark of Sierra La Solana has a totally natural character and is therefore suitable for consumption. In fact, it is recommended to eat it, especially during the first three months as it intensifies the taste and aftertaste of the cheese. Smell of medium intensity, characteristic of evolved sheep's milk, elegant and fruity. Lactic and cava notes. When cut it presents a firm paste and buttery texture. It is a short cheese because when touched, it has a low elasticity. In the mouth it has a type of firmness and medium solubility (it dissolves well in the mouth releasing little saliva); it sticks a little to the teeth (medium adhesiveness) and has a good buttery, which manifests itself in a very pleasant fat sensation. The granularity or ease with which we perceive the grain during chewing is of a fine or mealy-weak type. It has a lactic touch, due to its acidity, with hints of sweet cereal and fruity notes. Frank taste and balanced salt. Elegant acidity with a mixture of clean and fruity animal aromas (olives). Pleasant aftertaste of dried fruits (hazelnut) and a light spiciness well integrated in its whole that accentuates with time. High persistence on the palate. With time it evolves towards more intense flavours, typical of ripening (subtle rancid, leather, spicy) and notes of slightly toasted nuts


Up to 3 months from the date of production.